Soothe the Savage Breast (•••, Legno ••)Edit

Action: Instant and resisted
Dice pool: Presence + Animal Ken - target’s Resolve
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: successes in turns

With soft persuasion or a sharp command, the Noble makes a beast heed her.

Dramatic Failure: The target animal turns hostile, and will attack the Noble if it can.
Failure: The Charm has no effect.
Success: The animal carries out one order for each success. Each order may specify a single action, that involves at most one object; “bite that man” and “bring me the keyring” are each one order, “bite those two men” and “bring me the keyring and the gun” are each two orders. Descriptions of things in the orders are limited by the animal’s understanding. Finally, no animal will obey a suicidal order, and making a domesticated animal break its training is much more difficult than commanding a wild animal; the Storyteller should impose penalties on the activation roll for such orders. (On the other hand, making a domesticated animal follow its training gives bonuses.)
Exceptional Success: After following multiple orders, the animal acquires a habit of obedience. For the next day, any mundane efforts to tame or train it get a +1 bonus, as do further uses of the Charm.

Upgrade: SwarmingEdit

Cost: +1 Wisp

The Noble can give orders to a whole swarm of creatures, if none of them exceed Size 1: insects, small birds, or rats. This can create the Swarm Tilt. All the animals in the swarm must belong to the same species.

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