It is obvious to any Reborn that there is far more to this world than meets the eye. This charm pieces through the veil of the mundane world around us and allows the princess to see what is above as well as below. With this power, she can see through magical concealment, look into the hearts of those around her, and expand her vision past the constraints of time and space. All dots possessed in this charm are automatically added to the roll to resist supernatural concealment.

Bright Gaze (O) Edit

Your senses are magically enhanced, bringing the world around you into fantastic focus. Colors are brighter, touch is more sensitive, food tastes better, etc.

Cost: 1 Magic

Dice Pool: No Roll

Action: Instant

Effect: For the rest of the scene, add your Inner Light to any roll involving perception, observation, or analysis.

Supernal Vision (OO) Edit

You are able to perceive supernatural presence.

Cost: 1 Magic

Dice Pool: Wits + Occult + Inner Light

Action: Full Round

Effect: For the rest of the scene, anybody with a supernatural power stat or under supernatural influence appears to surrounding by a glimmering miasma. This roll is contested by any attempt to conceal supernatural presence. Use of this power automatically reveals hollows as wells of scintillating color and ley lines of dim roads of light.

Heart's Shadow (OOO) Edit

The surface thoughts of nearby people appear as images floating above or behind them like trailing clouds.

Cost: 2 Magic

Dice Pool: Wits + Occult + Inner Light

Action: Full Round

Effect: You automatically perceive the surface thoughts of those around you, although the details are chaotic haze. For each success, you may make out one detail on a specific thought image. Characters with supernatural power stats automatically contest this roll with Composure+Int+Supernatural. This effect lasts as long as the princess maintains concentration.

Ancient Eye (OOOO) Edit

Your vision peals back the layers of time and looks into the past itself.

Cost: 2 Magic and 1 Willpower

Dice Pool: Int + Occult + Inner Light

Action: Special

Effect: Staring intently at a single spot, you can look back through the past 1 hour for each success rolled. For each hour you look back, you must spend 10 minutes staring at the specific spot. If you are interrupted or look away, the attempt automatically ends.

Magnificent Eye (OOOOO) Edit

You sight extends outward, allowing your mind to see as though you were everywhere at once.

Cost: 3 Magic and 1 Willpower

Dice Pool: Int + Occult + Inner Light

Action: Special

Effect: Your awareness extends out 1 kilometer in a circular radius for each success rolled. This awareness continues until your concentration is broken. While using this power, you can make any other check to explore the area, such as investigation or streetwise. You may also use any perception-related supernatural power.

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