Shield Wall (••, Terra •)Edit

Action: Reflexive
Dice pool: Presence + Weaponry
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: 1 attack

The Noble stands firm as a rock and holds the line together. When one of her companions is attacked she may shout a warning, direct a fighter to their ally’s aid or parry the blow herself. The Noble may activate the Charm when someone makes a close combat attack on a target within her Inner Light in yards. She may not use it against attacks on herself.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble’s clumsy move exposes her to attack without helping her ally. Her Defense takes a -2 penalty during the current turn.
Failure: The Noble’s parry is not effective.
Success: Each activation success reduces the damage from the attack on its target by 1, to a minimum of 0.
Exceptional Success: The Noble’s parry confounds the attack so much that its target doesn’t notice it. The ally’s Defense is not reduced by the countered attack.

Any single attack can be parried by at most one activation of Shield Wall, even if (especially if) multiple Nobles are trying to direct the defensive line.