Second Glance Wrongness (••)Edit

Requires Scent Falsehood
Action: Reflexive and contested
Dice pool: Resolve + Composure vs. Clash of Wills pool
Cost: none
Duration: 1 turn

Sometimes magic gets you good. The Nobility are all too aware of that. Sometimes your mind can be wrapped in irrational fear by the Darkspawn hanging from the ceiling, pale-faced, sometimes the warrior of Storms can drive you into a frenzy, some things can pass by invisible. Nobles learn, though, to listen to the subtle wrongness that they get when their senses are being messed with, and it’s possible to stoke the radiance within, to burn away the clouds that fog the mind. Whenever the Noble’s mind is influenced or controlled by a supernatural power, and her actions are limited by it, the Charm activates.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble is so utterly fooled by the deceit that her mind is rendered susceptible to follow-up blows. The Charm will not activate until the next time the sun has risen.
Failure: The Noble acts within the limits of the power that influences her.
Success: A distorted perception wavers for a moment, showing what it conceals; an imposed emotion falters, revealing the Noble’s true feelings; a compulsion falls slack, and is disclosed as instilled by another. The effect reasserts itself before the Noble’s next action, but she may spend 1 Willpower point to bypass it for that action - penalties don’t apply, compulsions don’t restrict her.
Exceptional Success: The power holding the Noble’s mind slips. During her next turn, she ignores its effects on her, without spending Willpower.

Upgrade: PenetratingEdit

Through an exertion of will, the Noble can break free of her controller at just the right moment. If she bypasses the target effect, it lapses for turns equal to her Resolve.

Upgrade: Hungry (Lacrima ••••)Edit

The Darkness around Alhambra is hungry, eroding substance despite the best efforts of the True Kingdom to tame it. The Hopeful of that city learn to do the same to effects that would control them. Each successful use of the Charm inflicts a cumulative -1 penalty to the opposing dice pool, making it easier to bypass the effect later. If the Noble gets an exceptional success or the opposing dice pool gets a dramatic failure, the effect is broken for good.

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