Reflected Light (•)Edit

Action: Permanent

While the Noble is transformed, she gains an occult awareness of all supernatural beings that approach within 10 x Inner Light yards, akin to the Unseen Sense Merit [CofD 60]; any being with Supernatural Tolerance [CofD 70] triggers her new sense, unless they are in Twilight. Each time a being registers to her sense, the Noble may reflexively make a mundane Wits + Occult roll, both to pinpoint the being disturbing her awareness and to identify what sort of being it is, if she has sensed one like it before. If the target is using a power that specifically conceals his supernatural nature, the Noble must get more successes on her roll than the target did when activating the power to pierce the concealment.

Upgrade: Light-AttunedEdit

The Noble’s Unseen Sense is sensitive enough to identify those faintly touched by the Light. She can detect a Beacon or Sworn who comes within her sense’s range. She can also perceive the ranks of the Nobility - when she detects another Noble, success on the Wits + Occult roll tells her the other’s Inner Light rating.

Upgrade: Dark-attuned (Tempesta •)Edit

The Queen of Storms teaches the Nobility to recognize her enemies infallibly. The Noble can detect all creatures of the Darkness, including characters with the Darkened Condition, who come within her sense’s range. She can also perceive the degree of a being’s corruption - if a Dark being she detects has dots in Shadows, success on the Wits + Occult roll tells her exactly how many Shadows that being currently has.

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