Quicker Than the Eye (•)Edit

Action: Permanent

All too often, a vital secret is locked away somewhere that a Seeker has no legal right to go, and her sole recourse is to open the locks without a proper key. The Noble adds a set of lockpicks to her Regalia, to aid in her quest for knowledge. The Regalia bonus applies to mundane Larceny actions to open mechanical locks. As long as the Noble isn’t pressed for time, she can open any mechanical lock without a roll.

Upgrade: ElectronicEdit

The Noble’s lockpick set includes digital picks. She can't open digital locks without rolling, but the Regalia and Quality bonuses do apply when she opens such locks.

Upgrade: Calculated (Acqua ••)Edit

Swiftness is often the key to victory, but timing may well serve the same purpose. Whenever the Noble applies Acqua to her Larceny rolls at no cost, she may elect to use Intelligence in place of the normal Attribute.

Upgrade: Concealed (Aria ••)Edit

A Noble may not want to attract undue attention when the situation calls for it. When she applies the Invocation to a Larceny roll, attempts to notice her action take a penalty equal to her Aria.

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