Pythia Prediction (Fight ••, Vuoto •••) [Dawn]Edit

Action: Reflexive
Dice pool: Unrolled
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: Instant

Like the prophecies of the Oracles of Delphi, no amount of hiding will protect you from the Judge's blow. When attacking a target behind Cover, the Princess may use this charm. She may reduce the Cover's Durability by her Vuoto for the purposes of hitting the target.

Upgrade: UnharmedEdit

Cost: 1 Willpower

Some denizens of the World of Darkness are cruel enough to use people as their shield. No matter, for the Princess's attack will find the true perpetrator without harming those they're hiding behind. If the Princess is attacking a target and he's using someone else as a Human Shield, the target will not gain the benefit of reducing the damage by his "shields" Stamina nor will the "shield" be harmed. All Damage goes directly toward the target using someone as a Human Shield.

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