Peace on Earth (••, Legno •)Edit

Action: Instant and contested
Dice pool: Resolve + Persuasion vs. Composure + Supernatural Tolerance
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: 1 scene

Give me peace on Earth. With their focus on harmony and understanding the Wilds are never entirely comfortable with controlling another’s opinions. Rather than making another want peace a Noble of Clubs might use this Charm to prevent violence, allowing her to pursue peace in more traditional ways: with hearts and voices.

This Charm cannot be used if the Noble has attacked anyone or used a combat Charm within the Scene.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble manages to cast the Charm on herself. She suffers the effect of an ordinary success.
Failure: If the Noble does not get more successes, the target is not hampered.
Success: If the Noble wins the contested roll, the target takes the Peace-Bound Tilt: any action he attempts which would injure someone else fails automatically, as he suffers from a brief lassitude that stops his movements. The Tilt ends if the target is himself attacked, or if the Noble tries to injure anyone.
Exceptional Success: The Noble also gets a flash of insight into why her target wishes to fight. She gets +1 on Social rolls against the target where that knowledge is relevant until the Peace-Bound Tilt wears off.

Upgrade: CollectiveEdit

Modified by Commonalty
Cost: +1 Wisp

The Noble may use the Charm on members of an organization that can see or hear her, applying the Commonalty modifier. Each member contests the effect independently.

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