Nova Strike (••••, Fuoco ••••)Edit

Requires Levinbolt
Action: Reflexive
Dice pool: Strength + Science - blast radius in yards
Cost: 2 Wisps
Duration: 1 attack

The Noble conjures a ball that explodes in a gout of consuming fire. She may activate the Charm when she attacks with her Levinbolt weapon, and sets the explosion’s size at that point, taking a penalty to her dice pool equal to its radius in yards.

Dramatic Failure: The ball explodes in the Noble’s hands. The Charm has its normal effect, centered on her.
Failure: The Noble fires Levinbolt normally.
Success: The Noble loads her Levinbolt with an incendiary bomb. When she throws or fires the bomb, her attack doesn’t resolve normally; the Noble rolls just to see if the bomb goes where she wants it to. Instead, an explosion goes off centered where the bomb lands; its Blast Area is what she chose for it, and its Damage and Force are both equal to her Fuoco. The incendiary effect starts fires of Intensity 2.
Exceptional Success: The incendiary is hot enough to melt metal. It starts fires of Intensity 3.


Explosives inflict damage over an area. They are not normally used to attack a single person, but to destroy groups of people or large objects. Thus they have special traits.

  • Blast Area: The diameter of the main explosion. Explosives inflict damage in three bands: ground zero,

the primary blast and the secondary blast. Ground zero is the explosive itself and anyone on top of it. The primary blast area is a circle with the listed diameter in yards. The secondary blast area is a circle with twice the listed diameter.

  • Damage: The basic amount of damage done. Everything caught in the explosion takes this amount of

automatic damage, of the type appropriate for the band they’re in: aggravated at ground zero, lethal in the primary blast, bashing in the secondary blast.

  • Force: Explosions inflict additional damage based on their Force. Roll Force as a dice pool; add the

successes to the damage done to those caught in the blast. All explosions inflict the Deafened Tilt [CofD 281] in both ears on characters caught in the blast. An incendiary explosion inflicts the Burning Tilt on characters or objects that take damage.

Ballistic armor protects the wearer from explosive damage; it reduces the damage by half its ballistic Armor rating, rounding down. If a character is in cover [CofD 92] the cover’s Durability reduces the explosive damage as it does to damage from firearms. A character who is at least partially concealed or has dropped prone reduces the explosive damage by 1. Defense is useless against an explosion, and characters can’t run for cover or drop prone to avoid one unless they can apply Defense against firearms.

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