My Prince Will Come (•••, Specchio ••)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Manipulation + Empathy
Cost: 2 Wisps
Duration: indefinite

What better accessory for the True Heir’s crown can there be but a dashing, handsome prince by her side? The Noble activates this Charm to meet someone who is predisposed to like her. She may take penalties to the roll to narrow the search, specifying that the person she will meet has certain qualities. A quality represented as a trait (e.g. an Attribute, Skill or Merit) adds a penalty equal to the desired dots in the trait; a less quantifiable trait adds a -1 penalty. She may not use the Charm while she is affected by a previous activation.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble learns how to find someone who satisfies all her requirements; however, if she meets him, he has no interest in her. Upon meeting him, the Noble takes the Swooning Condition [CofD 291] for the person she’s been guided to.
Failure: The Noble learns that nobody satisfying her requirements can be found anywhere she can go.
Success: The Noble learns how to find someone who satisfies all her requirements. If she follows the indicated plan (the Storyteller must provide a plan) she meets the person in question and makes a favorable impression on him; she may immediately begin a social maneuver on him, starting with at least a good impression. The Charm ends when the Noble meets the person she was looking for, or refuses to follow the plan which would lead to the meeting.
Exceptional Success: The Noble makes herself extremely attractive to the one she looks for. Her social maneuver on him, when she meets him, begins with at least an excellent impression.

Upgrade: ProxyEdit

Cost: +1 Wisp

The Noble can provide advice to the lovelorn, telling them how to find just the right partner. She may use the Charm on a person she can touch, though not on anyone under its effects. The Charm affects the target exactly as it would if he activated it himself, except that the Noble learns the plan and must tell it to the target.

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