Minor Invoker (•-•••••)Edit

Although your character doesn’t believe in its ideals, she has learned enough of one Invocation that she knows how to use one of the Charms tied to it. Choose a Charm and an Invocation. Your character may ignore Invocation prerequisites up to her dots in the Merit when learning the chosen Charm and its upgrades. The Merit does not stack with actual dots in the Invocation (e.g. Minor Invoker •• and Aria • doesn’t allow learning a Charm that requires Aria •••.)

A character may purchase this Merit multiple times, each for a different Charm/Invocation pair; it may even be purchased multiple times for the same Charm, if the Invocations are different. If your character gains dots in the chosen Invocation equal to those in this Merit, she may replace it as per Sanctity of Merits.

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