The Bless Charm enhances people, pushing their abilities to a peak and bringing their actions to perfection. Champions and Graces have affinity for it.

Several Bless Charms add dots to Attributes. Unless otherwise noted, dots from these Charms don't contribute to Charm activation rolls, or any roll to activate a supernatural power.

One-dot CharmsEdit

Two-dot CharmsEdit

Three-dot CharmsEdit

Four-dot CharmsEdit

  • Blessings Be Upon This House (Bless ••••)
    • Upgrade: Study (Acqua •••)
    • Upgrade: Carnival (Aria •••)
    • Upgrade: Arena (Fuoco •••)
    • Upgrade: Grove (Legno •••)
    • Upgrade: Ballroom (Terra •••)
  • Drawn by the Moon (Bless ••••, Acqua ••)
  • Wind-Borne Grace (Bless ••••, Aria ••)
    • Upgrade: Grand (Aria •••)
  • Stoke the Furnace (Bless ••••, Fuoco ••)
    • Upgrade: Grand (Fuoco •••)
    • Forest Sanctuary (Bless ••••, Legno ••)
    • Upgrade: Grand (Legno •••)
  • Crown Jewels (Bless ••••, Terra ••)
    • Upgrade: Grand (Terra •••)
  • Tendril of Nothing (Bless ••••, Lacrima ••)
  • Avenger's Might (Bless ••••, Tempesta ••)
    • Upgrade: Grand (Tempesta •••)

Five-dot CharmsEdit

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