Light Over All (••)Edit

Action: Permanent

The force of the Noble’s will banishes ghosts, spirits, demons, and other possessing or haunting entities. When she attempts an abjuration [CofD 140] her roll gains the 9-again quality, and she may apply an Invocation to her dice pool. The Charm’s benefits apply both to abjuring ephemeral beings and to abjuring Tainted places.

In addition to modifiers from Belief, Virtue and Vice, when the Noble abjures an ephemeral being, the following modifiers apply:

  • +3: The entity was never human, and is anathema to reality (Abyssal entities)
  • +2: The Noble knows the entity’s real name.
  • +1: The entity was never human, but is not anathema to reality (Strix, spirits); or was human, but thinks nothing like a human (Darklings and Mnemosyne)
  • 0: The entity was once human, and still thinks in somewhat human ways (ghost using Possession, Vampire with Dominate 5, Amonajaku)
  • -2: The entity is human, and thinks like a human (Thaumaturges, Psychics, Mages, Witches)

Upgrade: BrilliantEdit

The Noble may spend 1 Wisp to add her Inner Light to her dice pool for an abjuration.

Upgrade: Friendly (Legno •)Edit

By applying Legno to an abjuration, the Noble may befriend an ephemeral being instead of banishing it. Instead of suppressing Conditions relevant to the entity, a success gives the Noble the Connected Condition [CofD 288] to the entity. On an exceptional success, until the Condition ends the entity treats harming the Noble or anyone under her declared protection as a violation of its ban. Attacking or betraying the entity will resolve the Connected Condition immediately.

Upgrade: Caustic (Tempesta •)Edit

The Noble may take resistant damage to add bonuses to her dice pool for abjurations. 1 bashing damage gives a +1 bonus; 1 lethal damage gives a +3 bonus.

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