Life of the Party (•)Edit

Favor (Socialize)
Action: Permanent

When the Noble transforms, innate courtesy and friendliness support her in every social situation.

Upgrade: Carousing (Aria ••)Edit

The Noble is welcomed in any bar or drinking party while transformed. Actions to detect her as an intruder take her Aria as a penalty; this stacks with the Barfly Merit [CofD 50]. Also, the Noble can get drunk, or high on drugs, and never show it - she keeps her poise and self-control. She may apply Aria to her roll to resist a drug’s effects [CofD 96]. (The Charm does not help the Princess resist a toxin that does damage.) During a social maneuver, if the Noble and her target are at a social function where people are expected to drink (or take other recreational drugs) she can spend 1 Wisp to improve her impression by one step.

Upgrade: Gossiping (Terra ••)Edit

When asking for information from her connections, the Noble nearly always finds what she seeks. She may apply Terra whenever she gathers information from her Contacts [CofD 50], no matter what Skill her dice pool uses. If she spends 1 Wisp after seeing the result, she may reroll her dice pool, though she must accept the second result. (Using this ability on a Contact who knows only the Princess’ mundane identity is best done over the telephone ...)

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