Laying Down The Line (•)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Resolve + Occult
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: variable

A Noble is a creature of divisions; between Light and Dark, Transformed and mundane, Hope and despair. Drawing a line on the ground, she separates one area from another, and so becomes aware of anything that breaks that line. The Charm is used on a boundary - natural (c.f. a stream), legal (c.f. a property line), spiritual (c.f. Consecrated ground) or just marked out for the purpose (c.f. a chalk line, string run along posts). The boundary must, however, be physically marked in some way. The length of the enchanted boundary cannot extend beyond (Inner Light x 20) yards, though it can be drawn as either a closed loop or an open line - unless it’s the border of Consecrated ground. A single invocation of the Charm will protect the entire border of an area under the Consecrated Condition, no matter how long that border is.

The Charm has a special duration. On a boundary marked out so the Charm can be used on it, it lasts one scene. If used on an existing boundary, the duration is increased to one day. If used on the edge of Consecrated ground the Charm lasts as long as the Consecrated Condition does. Also, if the physical mark showing the boundary is destroyed at any point along the boundary the Charm ends.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble’s clumsy magic temporarily destroys her sense of direction. She immediately takes the Lost Condition [CofD 289].
Failure: The Charm fails to activate, with a slightly pathetic spluttering noise.
Success: While the Charm lasts, whenever someone crosses the enchanted boundary the Noble reflexively knows it has been crossed, and may make a Perception roll to get a general description of the person or people who crossed it. She does not learn more from the Charm than she would if she saw the moment of crossing directly - the Charm does not defeat disguises or invisibility magic. The Noble also knows immediately when the Charm ends, and why it ended; if the boundary mark is destroyed she makes a Perception roll for a description of the destroyer. Crossing the line triggers an Unseen Sense for phenomena related to the Light.
Exceptional Success: The magic flows easily, the boundary feeling natural, and the Noble is refunded the Wisp cost for the Charm.

Suggested modifiers: The modifiers for a Sanctuary Charm also apply to Laying Down the Line.

Upgrade: RadiantEdit

Empowered with the Light, a boundary can easily be enchanted to keep out the Darkness. The Charm has a particularly strong repellent effect against creatures of the Darkness. To cross the line, they must roll more successes on a Strength + Stamina reflexive action than the activation successes, and they take one point of bashing damage per roll.

Upgrade: IlluminatedEdit

Cost: +1 Wisp

Reaching out, the Noble sketches the bounded area in her mind, painting the delineation in liquid light. She does not require a physical mark for the boundary, and destroying a boundary mark (if present) does not end the Charm. However, the line is, to Transformed Nobles, creatures of the Darkness, and any other being that can see magic, a glowing line, thus telling them that there is something supernatural going on.

Upgrade: UnnaturalEdit

Instead of being warned when anyone crosses the boundary, the Noble may set it to warn her only when a supernatural being does so. Any creature of the Darkness and any character with a major or minor supernatural template will set off the boundary when crossed, but a mundane human being will not.

Upgrade: SpecificEdit

Requires Unnatural

The Noble can now limit the boundary’s warning to a specific type of supernatural being, such as “Vampires” or “Nobles”. Because of the innate ties between the Hopeful and Charms this Upgrade can get a better reading on a Noble - she may set it to be triggered by a specific Calling, Queen or Embassy. This is most commonly used by Storms and Tears to look for each other, but other uses are hardly unknown.

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