Keen Observation (•)Edit

Favor (Investigation)
Action: Permanent

When the Noble transforms, she becomes keen-eyed, missing no detail when she fixes her attention.

Upgrade: AlertEdit

The Noble’s keen perception becomes a matter of reflex. Whenever an Invocation applies at no cost, the Noble adds it to her Perception rolls based on sight and hearing. If more than one Invocation applies at no cost, the Noble uses the highest of them. She may also apply an Invocation when listening for a target while blind or in darkness.

Upgrade: Unerring (Acqua ••)Edit

The Noble cannot be led down false trails of evidence. When she is leading an investigation, she may spend 1 Wisp to change a Tainted Clue [CofD 80] into an Incomplete Clue. She may do this a number of times equal to her Acqua during a single investigation.

Upgrade: Intuitive (Legno ••)Edit

Clues and anomalies in a scene disturb the Noble’s sense of the harmony of things, drawing her attention to them quickly. When she examines a scene [CofD 71] and applies Legno, she may spend 1 Wisp after seeing the result of her roll to reroll her dice pool, though she must accept the second result.

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