Gold Abhors Ebon (••)Edit

Action: Instant and contested
Dice pool: Presence + Intimidation vs. Resolve + Supernatural Tolerance
Cost: 1 Wisp
Duration: 1 scene

Invoking the Light’s authority, the Noble drives off a being of the Darkness. This Charm is used on a Creature of the Darkness. If the Noble wins the contest, the target cannot approach her and does his best to avoid her; he immediately takes the Fearful Condition, with her as the source.

Upgrade: SearingEdit

Cost: +1 Wisp

If the Noble wins the contest, the target runs from her in a blind panic - he immediately takes the Terrified Condition.

Upgrade: RulingEdit

Inhuman monsters must acknowledge the Noble’s authority. She may use the Charm on ephemeral beings, such as ghosts and spirits; they contest it with Resistance + Rank.

Upgrade: MajesticEdit

Requires Ruling
Cost: +1 Willpower

All those with power bow to the Light. The Noble may use the Charm on humans with supernatural powers that aren’t derived from the Light. This includes anyone with a major or minor template, and anyone with powers they would lose if they gained a template, except for Beacons, Sworn and Hopeful.

Upgrade: Fearsome (Lacrima ••)Edit

Cost: + Sensitivity check

The Queen of Tears claims the right to rule all the world, mortals, Nobles and supernaturals alike. The Noble may use the Charm on humans without supernatural powers, and on Beacons, Sworn and other Hopeful.

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