Fire on the Mountain (•)Edit

Action: Permanent
But sit down in that chair, right there, and let me show you how it’s done.

A musical instrument becomes part of the Noble’s Regalia, on which she plays beautiful, captivating music. The Regalia bonus applies to performing on the instrument or composing for it. There are variations of this Charm built on every performance art; these give Regalia appropriate to the art they’re based on (e.g. a beautiful pair of dancing shoes, a choker for a classical singer or actor, a handheld microphone for a pop singer) and apply the Regalia bonus when used to perform that art.

If the Noble wishes, she can use her art to influence the emotions of her audience, hoping to sway them to action later. She can use Expression with her instrument in a Build Equipment action [CofD 101-102] that creates a mood. Until something happens that breaks it, the mood gives its equipment bonus to actions aimed at getting anyone who saw or heard her performance to behave in accord with the mood. (The end of a scene always breaks a mood, and other events can do so as well.)

Upgrade: MagicalEdit

Requires Quality

The Noble weaves her magic into her chosen art. She can add her instrument’s equipment bonus to her Charms to offset a Commonalty penalty, if she incorporates playing the instrument into the Charm activation. The instrument’s bonus will not reduce the Commonalty penalty to less than -0; if a Charm doesn’t take the Commonalty modifier, the instrument provides no benefit.

Upgrade: Subliminal (Aria ••)Edit

The Noble creates amazingly detailed moods that steer her audiences exactly where she needs them to be. After she has built a mood with her instrument, she can spend 1 Wisp when someone uses the mood on an action to convert its bonus dice into extra successes.

Upgrade: Heartening (Fuoco ••)Edit

The Noble’s music lifts the hearts of all who hear it, insuring they will remember her fondly. She may apply Fuoco while performing on her instrument and if she succeeds, she cannot have worse than a good impression in a social maneuver she starts on anyone in the audience during the next week. In addition, if she spends a Wisp at the start of such a social maneuver she opens one Door.

Upgrade: Idolized (Specchio ••)Edit

The Noble’s performance leaves those who hear it fascinated by her, and ready to oblige her slightest whim. Instead of building a mood with her instrument, she can apply Specchio to build an organization with it; its members are drawn from her audience.

Upgrade: Communal (Metallo ••) [Dawn]Edit

The Princess’s performance brings people together and fosters relationships. When holding a performance using Expression as an extended action before a crowd, her threshold is equal to the highest Resolve rating in the crowd and she makes a roll once per dot of Resolve she possesses. If she reaches the threshold, the crowd gains a Commonality Modifier, with one step added per dot of Metallo the Princess has. One dot is Casual, two is Interested, three is Interested and four dots makes the crowd dedicated. This typically only lasts one scene.

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