Empty Hands (•)Edit

Action: Permanent

Many of the Hopeful have weapons in their Regalia, but some prefer to fight barehanded. A pair of fighting gloves, hand wrappings, or bracers becomes part of the Noble’s Regalia. She may apply an Invocation to give an unarmed attack [CofD 89-90] extra successes equal to her dots in that Invocation (instead of adding dice.)

Upgrade: BindingEdit

The Regalia piece takes the form of spools of ribbon, reels of fishing line or stretching cords. When the Noble uses Restrain during a grapple, she may tie up her opponent with Regalia cords, which have the normal Durability of her Regalia, and leave the grapple. She can also produce a cord of length up to (5x Inner Light) yards at will.

Upgrade: CrushingEdit

The Noble's fists swing like hammers, and her grip crushes like a vise. She may choose to do either lethal or bashing damage with her unarmed strikes and Damage moves in grapples.

Upgrade: Locking (Acqua ••)Edit

The Noble knows how to put opponents out of action quickly. When she applies Acqua to a grappling roll and wins the contest, she may use Hold and Restrain as a single maneuver.

Upgrade: Disarming (Aria ••)Edit

While grappling, the Noble can maneuver objects on her person or her opponent’s with startling speed. When she applies Aria and wins the contest, she may use Control Weapon and either Damage or Disarm as a single maneuver.

Upgrade: Blistering (Fuoco ••)Edit

During a grapple, the Noble’s skin and clothes grow hot to the touch. In each turn that she applies Fuoco, her opponent automatically takes 1 bashing damage, in addition to any results of maneuvers that turn.

Upgrade: Entrancing (Legno ••)Edit

The Noble's opponents, if once they touch her, find it strangely hard to do anything that would really injure her. During a grapple, in any turn the Noble applies Legno, her opponent cannot use the Damage maneuver.

Upgrade: Unbroken (Terra ••)Edit

The Noble stands unmoved, and her hold is almost impossible to escape. During a grapple, in any turn that she applies Terra, her opponent cannot use the Break Free maneuver.

Upgrade: Draining (Lacrima ••)Edit

The Noble's mien unsettles anyone who comes too close. During a grapple, in any turn that she applies Lacrima, her opponent must roll Resolve + Composure. If he fails that roll, he must spend 1 Willpower to use any maneuver except Break Free. The Noble triggers her Sensitivity the first time this happens during a scene.

Upgrade: Down and Out (Fulmine ••) [Dawn]Edit

The Noble's grapple shocks the nerves of her target in her arms. During the grapple, the Princess may spend a wisp. If her Fulmine is equal to or greater than the grappled opponent’s Stamina, then the opponent immediately suffers the Beaten Down Tilt for Fulmine turns.

Upgrade: Restraining (Metallo ••) [Dawn]Edit

During a grapple, the Nobles's hold feels like a cage designed to hold the target. During a grapple, if the Princess attempts a Hold move and applies Metallo, if they get even one Success over the opponent, they can automatically move into Restraining the opponent as a reflexive action and inflict the Immobilized Tilt as long as they hold onto the opponent.

Upgrade: Enchained (Vuoto ••) [Dawn]Edit

The Noble's opponent fails to move, time freezing their feet and space constricting their body. The Princess may attempt a grapple move if she spends a Wisp and her target is within Vuoto yards. On a successful attempt, the Princess can hold her opponent in place as a Hold move. She cannot do any other moves to him unless if she moves to physically grapple him. The target faces a Vuoto penalty to escaping and the Princess can hold up the grapple as long as she concentrates wholly on it. If she stops concentrating (doing something that would require a dice roll), moves outside of Vuoto yards of her target or she physically grapples him, the charm ends.

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