Earthquake (•••, Terra ••)Edit

Action: Instant
Dice pool: Strength + Brawl - area’s radius in yards
Cost: 2 Wisps
Duration: 1 scene

The Noble claps her hands, then touches them to the ground, and the earth buckles and shakes, pitching wildly and throwing her enemies off-balance.

Dramatic Failure: The Noble only jolts the ground under her own feet. She takes the Stunned Tilt [CofD 286].
Failure: The earth does not move.
Success: The earthquake strikes a circular area of radius equal to the penalty taken to the activation roll in yards. Everyone in that area, except the Noble, immediately takes the Knocked Down Tilt [CofD 284] and reflexively rolls Dexterity + Athletics; those who fail the roll take the Stunned Tilt as well. For the rest of the scene, the area has the Broken Ground Tilt.
Exceptional Success: The ground in the target area buckles and great shards of stone poke out from the earth, providing anyone who wants to take cover behind them substantial (-3) concealment, in addition to the other effects.

When the Charm ends, the ground slides back into its normal configuration. If the Noble is underground, she gets an exceptional success with 3 or more activation successes, not 5.

Upgrade: Sheltering (Terra •••)Edit

People the Noble chooses, up to her Inner Light, do not take the Knocked Down or Stunned Tilts when the earthquake strikes.

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