Circle (•-•••••)Edit

The human mind was not designed for large numbers. When the suffering of millions feels incomprehensible, your character can turn to the small everyday problems and triumphs of friends and family to remind herself what she is fighting for. The Circle Merit represents healthy relationships between a Noble and her family, close friends, or mentors, who are ordinary mortals (not supernatural in any way.) The more dots a Noble has, the more or the stronger these relationships are; describe the people your character is intimate with when you buy dots in Circle.

Your character may spend at least an hour in the company of some of her intimates, having a pleasant conversation, helping them with daily chores, or venting her frustrations with the troubles of a Noble's life. After the encounter is over, roll Inner Light + Empathy + Circle. Dots in Shadows impose a penalty on the Circle roll just as for Calling duty rolls. In addition, while it is possible to gain Wisps just by conversing with a friend over the telephone, a Noble takes a penalty of -2 when attempting it.

Dramatic Failure: Your character puts her foot in her mouth, and annoys her friends. She loses 1 dot in the Merit; she recovers dots lost this way at a rate of 1 week per dot.
Failure: Your character had a good time, but gains nothing but pleasant memories. She may prolong her time with her intimates, and try for Wisps again after another hour.
Success: Your character returns to her duties refreshed. She regains Wisps equal to her dots in the Merit.
Exceptional Success: Your character takes heart from her friends’ company. She regains Wisps equal to her dots in the Merit, and a point of Willpower.

Your character can regain Wisps from her Circle at most once a session, or once a day, whichever is longer.

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