A Princess’ Calling is the heart of her quest to bring light to the world. It determines which oaths are part of her Belief, what duties she performs to regain Wisps, which Attributes are increased when she transforms and to which three of the ten Charm families she has affinity, allowing her to purchase Charms from these families at a reduced cost.

The five Callings are:

  • Champion: Defenders of the weak and helpless.
  • Grace: Elegant and noble, the voices and diplomats of the Reborn.
  • Mender: Those who take wounded flesh and wounded hearts and make them whole.
  • Seeker: Hunters of truth, banishers of lies, revealers of the hidden.
  • Troubadour: Artists and exemplars who inspire greatness in others.

The Three OathsEdit

Each Calling defines three sacred oaths, listed in order from the most important to the least. If a Princess breaks any of the oaths of her Calling, she immediately reaches a breaking point. Usually, breaking the third oath is a compromise with no modifier, breaking the second is a compromise with a -1 penalty, and breaking the first is a compromise with a -2 penalty. The Storyteller is of course free to adjust the modifiers to reflect the situation in the game.

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