Befriending (••, Specchio ••)Edit

Action: Permanent

The Queen of Mirrors wants everyone to get along, in service to the True Queen. Isn’t that nice? Sadly, violence is sometimes necessary, but violence should always serve a higher cause, and bind people together. If the Noble inflicts the Beaten Down Tilt [CofD 280] on an opponent or forces him to unconsciousness, then in the next social maneuver she attempts with that opponent her impression level improves by one step.

Upgrade: Slap Slap Kiss (Specchio •••)Edit

Prove yourself superior, the Heirs say, and those you defeat must admire you. The Noble may spend 1 Wisp when she bests a foe to give him the Swooning Condition [CofD 291] aimed at herself. This overrides and deepens the Charm’s normal effect.

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