Barrier Jacket (•)Edit

Action: Permanent

A Noble is always properly dressed. Of course, the proper dress for battle is usually armor. The Noble may alter her Regalia into protective clothing that grants her 1/1 Armor, covering her whole body. She may return to her unprotected but transformed state with a transformation action. The armor from Barrier Jacket does not stack with mundane armor, but it can stack with Charms or other powers that grant Armor in a less tangible form.

The Regalia bonus increases the Noble’s general (but not ballistic) Armor rating by her dots in the applied Invocation for one turn. Each Quality upgrade improves the Armor by +1/+1 before applying an Invocation. Infusing her armor with magic takes a few moments; applying an Invocation to Barrier Jacket imposes an extra -1 penalty to Initiative.

Upgrade: Fluid (Acqua •)Edit

The Noble’s armor blunts the force of bullets. When she applies Acqua to her Barrier Jacket, she adds her dots to both her general and ballistic Armor.

Upgrade: Sonic (Aria •)Edit

Instead of wrapping herself in armor, the Noble can sharpen her reflexes and enhance her ability to evade attacks. When she applies Aria to her Barrier Jacket, she may increase her passive Defense or her Dodge dice pool by her Aria, instead of increasing her Armor rating.

Upgrade: Fireproof (Fuoco •)Edit

The Noble’s armor can resist fires. During a turn in which she applies Fuoco to her Barrier Jacket, damage from fire does not bypass it, and fire damage exceeding its Armor rating is downgraded to bashing.

Upgrade: Healing (Legno •)Edit

The Noble’s armor soothes bruises and knits wounds together. When she applies Legno to her Barrier Jacket, she heals 1 point of bashing damage.

Upgrade: Saving (Terra •)Edit

The Noble’s armor protects her in the last extremity. When her last Health box is filled with bashing damage, applying Terra to her Barrier Jacket keeps her conscious. Moreover, if her Health track fills with lethal damage, she may apply Terra to avoid the point of damage each minute even if she is unconscious.

Upgrade: Fearsome (Lacrima •)Edit

The Noble’s armor gives her an ominous presence, promising doom to her foes. Once per turn, she may apply Lacrima reflexively to block an opponent’s close attack on her. The opponent must roll his Resolve + Supernatural Tolerance - the Noble’s Lacrima; if he fails, he cannot attack the Noble that turn, but doesn’t lose his action. The Noble triggers her Sensitivity the first time her armor prevents an attack during a scene.

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